FTC Issues Warning To Consumers About Scammers Impersonating FTC Staff

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a new blog post warning consumers about scammers who are impersonating FTC staff members.

The post highlights a number of key lies that scammers tell when they’re pretending to work for the FTC, including that consumers have won a contest and must pay to collect their prize or owe money to the agency. The post also notes that scammers have used the names of real FTC employees when they reach out to consumers.

The post includes three key facts about communication from the FTC: The FTC will never call you to demand money; the FTC will never threaten you with arrest; and the FTC will never promise you a prize.

Consumers who receive calls from scammers pretending to work for the FTC should report them immediately to the FTC at reportfraud.ftc.gov.

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