I am Ebony!

After watching my parents get turned down on an opportunity of a lifetime due to their credit and lack of funds, I began to pay attention to others in my community. What I noticed was due to the lack of financial education and knowledge of credit, many people had to pass on opportunities that would have created financial wealth. Over the past ten years, I have studied and worked in undeserved communities. These communities have experienced one or several financial crisis which have affected their overall well-being.

As a Financial Social Worker, I decided to open Ebony Credit Solutions to help others improve their overall well-being and Thrive Financially. This is done through improving individuals credit, providing financial education, and teaching others how to leverage credit to start and grow a successful business. Ultimately escaping poverty and creating financial wealth.  

Professional me

I am Ebony!

An entrepreneur, financial social worker, and a certified credit consultant dedicated to improving the lives of those struggling to reach their financial goals. At Ebony Credit Solutions we provide guidance and services needed to repair individuals credit as well as teach the necessary skills to improve one's financial well-being.

Helping You Create a Life You Love!

Our Mission at Ebony Credit Solution is to change one life at a time by helping individuals to understand the importance of credit as well as learn the power of leveraging credit and building financial wealth. Ultimately, resulting in living the life you want to live. 


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Every Client is Unique!

Everyone's situation is different. Get started now so we can customize a strategic plan to help you reach your goals.

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