Federal Trade Commission Returns More Than $176,000 to Consumers Who Bought Clothing and Accessories Deceptively Labeled as ‘Made in USA’

The Federal Trade Commission is sending 11,446 checks and 66 PayPal payments, totaling more than $176,000, to consumers who bought clothing and accessories from Lions Not Sheep. The company was charged with using deceptive ‘Made in USA’ labels and advertising on clothing and accessories imported from other countries. Each of the payments is $15.30.

Consumers who receive checks should cash them within 90 days, as indicated on the check. Recipients who have questions about their refund should call the refund administrator, Analytics, at 1-855-620-9529, or visit the FTC website to view frequently asked questions about the refund process. The Commission never requires people to pay money or provide account information to get a refund.

According to the FTC’s May 2022 complaint, Lions Not Sheep Products, LLC, and its owner Sean Whalen deceptively advertised clothing and accessories as Made in USA. In most cases, the products advertised using these claims consisted of wholly imported shirts and hats with limited finishing work performed in the United States. An administrative order settling the Commission’s complaint barred the company and its owner from advertising and labeling its clothes and accessories as made in the United States when they are not. It also required the defendants to pay money to provide refunds to defrauded consumers.

The Commission’s interactive dashboards for refund data provide a state-by-state breakdown of Commission refunds. In 2022, Commission actions led to more than $392 million in refunds to consumers across the country.

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